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In these uncertain and anxiety-provoking times, I offer therapeutic counselling through Zoom. This is a secure and encrypted service
In these times, where finances are also being chanllenged, I am happy to offer a discount per session, depending on your circumstances


By now as you are looking at this website, I imagine that you are thinking about having counselling. Counselling is for everyone, yet we are all different in our process of choosing a counsellor. It is important that we find someone we feel comfortable with, and that we can relate to.


How you feel in counselling sessions is the key to the success of your therapy. Feeling comfortable with your counsellor and building a relationship of trust is important. Together we can explore the issues that you may find difficult to talk about, and possible ways of moving forward.


All of us experience emotional times in our lives, and can find it difficult to cope. Counselling can provide a safe and confidential space where you can talk about what is happening in your life, explore feelings and thoughts, find coping strategies and begin to consider solutions for the challenges you face.


My approach as a Person-Centered counsellor is empathic and non-judgmental and caters to the individual needs of each client. I work with a diverse range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, panic, low self-esteem, relationship issues, couples counselling, and bereavement.


You can get general support from counselling, or concentrate on more specific issues such as the above. I believe that we all have the ability within ourselves to affect not only change, but to change ourselves in the way that is best for us.


I work both short and long-term depending on what you feel you need.


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Contact me to book an initial session, where we can discuss what’s brought you to counselling and what you hope to get from our time working together. I look forward to working with you.

Julie Hayward Counsellor

About Julie

Fully Qualifed Counsellor


I am a fully qualified, experienced Humanistic counsellor with a BSc in Counselling Research and am a member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP).


'I have worked in the following organisations:


- Rise: working with women who have experienced domestic violence and relational abuse.
- Survivors Network: working with self-identifying women who have experienced childhood/adulthood sexual abuse, and sexual violence.
- The Maytree Sanctuary: working with people in a suicidal crisis, and people in emotional distress and despair.
- Pavilions: working with couples who are experiencing drug, alcohol and substance misuse.
- Young persons counsellor: I have worked in a range of primary school settings, and have experience working with children between the ages of 5-18.
- Samaritans: I have volunteered with the Samaritans for a number of years.
- LGBTQ+ Organisation : helping support people who have experienced relational abuse
- Crisis: I have worked with both men and women experiencing homelessness.

I have worked with many different clients experiencing a range of issues and believe that people are the experts in themselves. Sometimes we need some help and support in nurturing our inner world, and to discover the answers that are within us. I offer a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment, working alongside you to support you in reaching your full potential.


- BSc in Person-Centred Counselling
- Foundation Degree in Person-Centred Counselling at Brighton University
- Certificate in Trauma
- Certificate in CBT
- Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training
- Trauma relating to Substance Misuse Counselling
- Level 4 in Person-Centred Counselling
- Level 3 in Person-Centred Counselling
- Level 2 in Person-Centred Counselling
- Level 1 Introduction to Counselling
- Counselling at Pavilions, working with individuals, and couples affected by Drug and Alcohol Abuse


To ensure that I offer you the best support, I undertake regular continued personal development training.


Supported Difficulties

I work one-to-one with individuals and couples that wish to explore their relationship dynamics. This includes married, partners, siblings and mothers & daughters. In addition, I work with young people and children. I have experience counselling in a variety of difficulties including:


- relationship / family issues
- couple and relational therapy
- anxiety / stress
- depression
- self harm
- abortion
- learning to manage challenging or overwhelming emotions

- low self-esteem
- Trauma/post traumatic stress disorder
- bereavement / loss
- working with people affected by suicide
- drug and alcohol issues/addiction
- sexual abuse / childhood sexual abuse

- domestic violence
- emotional abuse
- finding direction or fulfilling purpose
- managing illness
- LGBTQ / sexuality / gender
- isolation / loneliness
- difficult feelings

What Can Counselling Do For Me?

Counselling is a way to explore both past and current experiences, and how they may be affecting you in your day to day life. It is a space where you can discuss issues that you may need support with, or just want a safe, empathic and non-judgemental place to be able to reflect on what is going on for you. Life can have its many challenges and your mental health, especially, can be affected to a point where it interferes with daily life. Just as we might not think anything of paying for a gym membership to look after our physical health, counselling looks after your mental health. Of course, both physical and mental health have an effect on our wellbeing, but counselling offers a place for you to truly reflect.


I believe, as a Person-Centred counsellor, that we are the experts on ourselves, and that we hold the answers within us - however sometimes, we may need some help in finding those answers. In counselling, I will support you on your journey to discover your true self and help you to explore whatever it may be that is causing you to feel that you are not getting the most from life. 'Together we can work to achieve whatever you choose to focus on to help you achieve a more fulfilling life.


The Person-Centred approach was created by Carl Rogers in the 20th century, and has developed as a major force in therapy around the world since then. Rogers believed that we are all motivated by an innate tendency to grow to our full potential and that we have vast resources for this.

Having someone who is focused on you, and being able to spend time exploring what is going on for you, without interruption, can be truly invaluable. It is an oppurtunity to see things from your frame of reference and to understand what it is like to be in your world.



Individual Adults Brighton

£40 per fifty-minute initial consultation
£40 per fifty-minute weekly counselling session

Couples / Pairs

£50 per sixty-minute initial consultation
£50 per sixty-minute weekly counselling session

Individual Adults London

£55 per fifty-minute initial consultation
£55 per fifty-minute weekly counselling session

Couples / Pairs

£65 per sixty-minute initial consultation
£65 per sixty-minute weekly counselling session

Telephone Counselling

£30 per fifty-minute initial consultation
£30 per fifty-minute weekly counselling session


Contact Me

Brighton Address

The Brighton & Hove Therapy Rooms
69 Church Road
East Sussex
Tel :07415 703 258
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London Address

Brockley/Forest Hill & Kings Cross Areas
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